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Lesson 1 - What is Consciousness?
  • What is most fundamental to life?
  • Is everything in life always changing?
  • Why don’t we experience Consciousness in everyday life?
  • How does our life change as we experience pure, unbounded Consciousness?


Lesson 2 - What is the Truth of Life?
  • Is there something unchanging in this world of continuous change?
  • Where do we come from?
  • What is the difference between creation and manifestation?
  • Does order come from disorder?
  • Is life a reward or a punishment?


Lesson 3 - States of Consciousness
  • Can we be unbiased detectives, while we search for truth?
  • How does our worldview influence our life?
  • Is consciousness emergent or fundamental?
  • Can we understand the physical without Consciousness?
  • Is Consciousness a “hard problem?” What creates our unique, subjective experiences of the physical?


Lesson 4 - Consciousness Is All There Is
  • Are we like a radio, a TV, or a computer? How would this make a difference?
  • What do the discoveries of quantum entanglement and other strange phenomena of quantum physics tell us about the nature of life?
  • Do we need to create exotic theories like the “many worlds” hypothesis to explain what we observe?
  • How does the idea that “Consciousness Is All There Is” simplify and explain what has perplexed scientists and philosophers until now?


Lesson 5 - Both One and Many
  • What is the “hard solution” to the “hard problem” of Consciousness?
  • Could the perplexing problems of science and philosophy have simple answers?
  • What are the implications if Consciousness is all there is?
  • How does the nature of Consciousness explain how Consciousness can manifest as a physical universe?


Lesson 6 - Both Virtual and Real
  • What does it mean to say Consciousness turns back on itself to know itself?
  • Is there perfect balance and justice in the world? How would it be managed?
  • How can we understand the relationship between an unmanifest, virtual aspect of existence and the manifest, apparently real part of life?
  • Consciousness has been called a “field of all possibilities.” What does that mean and could it really be true?


Lesson 7 - Higher Levels of Human Development
  • How do we experience Pure Consciousness?
  • What are the three aspects of experience that must always be present?
  • How does the experience of an author creating a story help us understand how Consciousness manifests as the world?
  • Why is the wholeness of Consciousness usually hidden from us?
  • What does it mean to live in higher states of consciousness?


Lesson 8 - States of Consciousness
  • What are technologies of Consciousness?
  • How do they help us to experience broader more complete perspectives of life?
  • What is the relationship between coherent brain activity and higher states of consciousness?
  • Do we influence each other? How do individual higher states of consciousness raise collective consciousness?


Lesson 9 - How Does One Become Many?
  • Could everything be a play of Consciousness?
  • What is nothingness? Is it essential to experience somethingness?
  • Is there a cosmic memory somewhere? Is it like a computer hard disk?
  • What is the role of hiding in manifestation?
  • Is ignorance an error or a necessity for manifestation?


Lesson 10 - Why Does the Unmanifest Manifest?
  • What is the motivation behind manifestation?
  • How does the process of manifestation unfold?
  • What is evolution? Are we actors, subjects or objects?
  • What is the relationship between observation and reality?
  • Can ultimate truth be experienced or only understood? Is there a shortcut??


Lesson 11 - Consciousness and Freedom
  • Has Consciousness a fixed quality and quantity or a range of possibilities?
  • What are gaps? Why do they exist?
  • Why must Consciousness slow down to experience all its possibilities?
  • What does it mean that Consciousness “uncovers” its Self?
  • Do we have freedom?


Lesson 12 - Do I Really Have a Choice?
  • Why does science only provide an understanding of the “doing” or action part of life and not the “being” part?
  • What is the one irrefutable law that must be true if Consciousness is all there is?
  • How is freedom possible without upsetting the balance of life?
  • Why is it that freedom increases as one experiences higher states of consciousness?


Lesson 13 - Good and Evil
  • What are “good” and “evil”?
  • What happens when we climb the pyramid of Consciousness to higher levels?
  • Why do we want to climb up?
  • Is there any correlation between the fundamental dynamics of Consciousness and the manifest universe?


Lesson 14 - Toward a Flourishing World
  • Why is a peaceful, prosperous world a matter of choice?
  • What is collective consciousness? How does our individual experience of Consciousness affect others?
  • How do the technologies of Consciousness affect our world collectively?
  • What are the implications of the scientific research on collective consciousness?

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